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Tell everyone your business!


Engaging with your customers can be difficult, especially when you have never met them.  So a quality professional video is one way of starting the process and its known to be the most effective way to promote your business as part of your marketing strategy.



We like to start by having a conversation with you to decide what is best video for your business.  Getting your story across is much better when it comes from the people behind the company.  For instance, an interview or a piece to camera is a straightforward way for you to talk to clients.  It gives them an opportunity to see the people behind the company name. It is a sure way to get them to understand your business and why you are a cut above the competition.


People find video the easiest medium to absorb   information.  By getting yourself or a spokesperson in front of the camera, you will be joining other leading companies putting video on social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook. Twitter and YouTube. It can also be put on your website or in a blog.


Why us?  We have been trusted for over 30 years with our broadcast and corporate video production.

With free consultation, we can help you decide the best format for you. We offer a short video for only £399*, so call us now on 0117 373 0831 or 01792 865267‬ for your free consultation and quote!


"Engaging interviews"

One powerful, and yet simple, video is the TV interview. As experienced broadcast and corporate producers, we are experts in producing the right interview for you, so ensuring your video will impress your customers. 


We have worked with Sir David Attenborough, Jonathan Dimbleby, Magnus Magnusson, Robin Gibb (Bee Gees), Dame Diana Rigg and many others.   We have produced over a hundred interview for clients.  Many of these interviews are  insightful conversations about their business.


  • FREE consultation about your campaign

  • Planning and preparing the video to ensure your message is clear and part of your marketing campaign

  • We can provide professional presenters and interviewers with broadcast journalism skills

  • Help choosing your staff or a professional presenter to front your documentary or interview.

  • Recording or live streaming of your video, either from a TV studio or on location

  • Editing and finalising your video to a high broadcast quality

  • Delivering and uploading your video to an internet site


LIVE STREAMING: Make your interview or piece-to-camera go LIVE by streaming it on to your online platform, such as YouTube or FaceBook. The live video is recorded at the same time and so can be viewed any time later.

We can use broadcast TV studios around the UK, such as ITV STUDIOS, STOCK EXCHANGE AND FINANCIAL TIMES  STUDIOS, to record your interview so giving it the look your business deserves. We can arrange the set in a number of ways to reflect your brand.

Want to know more? We provide:


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Your TV Interview A Success

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Free video on how to prepare for

The TV Interview

Put a face to your company and let potential customers hear the benefits of your business

A popular place to record your interview are at your work place, conference centre or hotel.  These on-location settings can be more affordable and effective in showing your business.

We can also provide an hour's training on how to perform your best as an interviewee, so helping you to relax and give the best responses to questions.

Below is an example of an "on-location" interview for FIDELITY.




Business TV Studios is part of Aqua Vita Films Ltd who are an established TV production company since 2004 winning many awards around the world.  Its founder Dr Bernard Walton has over 30 years in the business producing and directing TV programmes for all the major broadcast networks.


Bernard has worked on many chat shows on BBC as well as "Farming Matters" with Jonathan Dimbleby, where he talked to the movers and shakers in the agriculture business.  He has teamed up with many companies in creating their own online channels,  including HLTV, a channel on personal investments for Hargreaves Lansdown, and PharmaTelevision for PharmaVentures. 

For more information call us on 0117 373 0831 or 01792 865267‬ for a free one-hour consultation.


Dr Bernard Walton, Creative Director

Now is time to prepare yourself to be in front of the camera with one-day's coaching with an highly experienced award-winning broadcast producer/director.


We provide bespoke interview training to ensure you perform at your very best.  Training is from as little as £249 (+VAT) for a one-day's coaching. 


Preparation for any interview is everything.  In the Exclusive Members Only section there is a FREE video with some essential tips that will help you get ready for a TV interview.

Subscribe and become a member to receive free tips on how to prepare for a TV interview



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